segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

Bits of a Weekend

We started the detox today so tomorrow I will right about how was the first day. Meanwhile I'm sharing bits of my two last weekends :)

Comecamos a fazer nosso detox hoje entao amanha posto como foi o primeiro dia. Enquanto isso fiquem com pedacinhos dos meus ultimos dois finais de semana :)

Say hi to Caramel! - He came on New Year's :)

Nice cute shoes (from Target!)

Dean's List at Massasoit :) (click on the picture to enlarge)

Our fridge after shopping for our detox! Just healthy food inside!

3 comentários:

  1. So proud of you.

    Reason 1: Caramel is the perfect name for that cute little guy.

    Reason 2: That letter just confirms how amazing you are.

    Reason 3: Only a really brave person can think of drinking that "Green Juice"!!

    Lub ya. Miss ya. XOXO

  2. I'll be here supporting your detoxing! It'll be awesome =).
    I loved the boots! I'll try to find them at Target here (or a similar one).
    Beijo beijoi

  3. That must feel so good! We're not on an official detox, but our diets are SO healthy compared to how we ate over the holidays. It feels so good.

    Good luck! I'll be interested to hear how you feel by the end.