sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

My sunshine

Sometimes we are stupid, sometimes we don't behave the way we should. Like every human being I do things I will regret later.
That's when, more than ever I need you... fuck, how is it gonna be?
Since I put my small feet in this country I lost sooo many people, but now I feel completely lost.
You won't be here anymore...
What am I supposed to do? You are the person who understands me the most. Someone so like me that is kinda scary when we stop and think about it.
Who will say that everything will be ok even when you dont have a clue that will be?
Who will say that loves me don't matter what?
In which shoulder will I cry? Who will wipe my tears?
You are so fuckin essencial for me Leti...
Please, don't forget me ok? I will need you like I always did.

I love you, like I have never loved someone.

Be happy my sweet sister, go shine. Your time is now.

3 comentários:

  1. I love u forever.
    That`s all I can say.

    You are my sunshine too.
    You make me stronger.
    You make me happy.
    You are everything!

    "A part of you has grown in me..."


  2. Ahhh sei bem o que e isso :( minha amiguinha foi embora tb e muiiiii triste :( againnnnnnn

  3. ai vi esse post hj de novo!