sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012

The day we got a surprise

It was a normal Friday night when Dave saw on his Facebook that my sis-in-law Leila had tagged us on a post. Here is the translation:

"My loves,

It's not everyday that we find our true love and we (I include myself in this statement, of course) know it's really good to remember the good times, isn't it true?

I always watch a show on TV that talks about engaged couples, and the song that plays on the show reminds me of you two because it sounds like Lara is singing to Dave and Dave is singing to Lara...
Because I am the biggest fan of your love I want to dedicate the song to you so you won't forget how privileged you are for having each other. 
Lara, this is a great opportunity for you to sing to Dave because I didn't have the opportunity to translate the lyrics.
Cheers to love!
with love from your sis!"
Now, when I clicked on the video I thought it was the song's video clip but instead this is what we got:

I still cry when I watch... The first time was almost impossible to see everything because my eyes were so wet... No one have ever done anything like this for me and I just cannot believe how blessed we are for having her in our family! 
I couldn't thank you enough Le, you are the best!
Love you!

4 comentários:

  1. Que fofura, hermanita! Vocês formam um casal lindo... de verdade, mesmo sem conhecê-los pessoalmente dá pra ver que rola uma conexão incrível! Bjs

  2. que lindo né? Mas o vídeo não ia ser assim tão lindo se vocês não fossem lindos também. O crédito é seu, não é a toa que eu amo tanto vocês.

  3. This is so, so lovely. What a beautiful gift.

  4. É a personificação da felicidade, amor e emoção!

    Vocês formam um lindo par!