domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010


"I used to love her,
but i had to kill her
She bitched so much,
she drove me nuts
And now we're happier this way"

Last night was the last time she appeared. I've been working toooo hard to control myself, and I've been doing a very very good job. I won't let this other me, the one who doesn't think before speaks (so when open her mouth doesn't say anything useful) be on my way.
As he said "you are a person who learn with your experiences" so I killed her.

3 comentários:

  1. Hope all is well now =/

    I love u and miss you so much.

  2. Opsie! Pensei que fosse o Bob! rsrsr

  3. Oh Man... Control youself and don't let she control your angel side! ;)

    Love you...